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  • Feb 24, 2021, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Artist Talk: William Stoehr

Date: February 24, 2021

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

About the Artist:

Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Stoehr was President of National Geographic Maps. He was responsible for the National Geographic Society's worldwide mapping operations. Previously he held the positions of director and senior vice-president at National Geographic.

With his wife, Mary Kay Stoehr, he owned and operated the recreational map company Trails Illustrated which was acquired by the National Geographic Society.

He has served as an officer and director on a variety of boards, some of which include, the Peace Initiatives Institute - a non-profit international organization focused on long-term peace through children, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado - a stewardship non-profit providing land agencies consultation and a volunteer workforce, and Big City Mountaineers - a non-profit, wilderness experience program for inner-city, at-risk teens. He is past president of the International Map Trade Association, representing map publishers, sellers, government agencies and software developers from more than 55 countries.

Prior to entering the map business, he worked for two major international equipment manufacturers in a variety of management positions.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stout, he received the university's highest graduation award, was active in student government and was the captain of two intercollegiate varsity teams. Later he was selected to represent the USA in international rugby competition. He has an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, did post graduate study at Marquette University and was a doctoral program resident at the J.L. Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Born and raised in Burlington, Wisconsin, Stoehr along with his wife Mary Kay, currently live in Boulder Colorado. Previously they lived in Winter Park Colorado, St. John US Virgin Islands plus a few other places.