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A Global Art Marketplace and Resource

World Art Finder is a social network platform and global art marketplace for the creative industry.

It is also a world resource of artists, art professionals, galleries, services, products, and research information for anyone interested in the fine arts.

Artists can connect directly with art collectors and lovers, find gallery representation, share knowledge, and more.

With World Art Finder, you will Find your world!


Marcel Wah Marcel Wah
Founder and CEO

Marcel is an entrepreneur and artist who loves to mix technology with art.

Marcel grew up in a family artists: from his late father, Marcel Wah, Sr.; uncles Bernard Wah, Edouard Wah, and Edgard Wah; brother Patrick Wah; and  nephew James Cesar Wah.

Marcel has both a BFA and MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and California College of the Arts, respectively.

Early in his art career, he owned and operated an art supply store, a publishing company, and later started an international art fair.

After closing his art business in 2008 due to the economic crisis, Marcel changed focus to Internet technology. Between World Art Finder and his other venture, TimlX, LLC (, Marcel wants to make technology available and accessible to creative individuals and businesses in a cost-effective and affordable way.

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